I was shocked to learn two things today: first, that they do takeout here, so I would no longer be trapped eating mediocre delivery food until my newborn is old enough to leave the house, and second, that I somehow still haven't reviewed one of my favorite Chinese restaurants since I first went when it opened last year.Since then, this place has truly blown up. Every product is carefully selected by our editors. I've probably eaten here at least a dozen times by now. nom nom nom nom nom. I've never seen spare ribs with meat that completely fell off the bone like these. 6. I only ordered the Mapo Tofu and Salted Cod Fried Rice with a side of beer as recommended by other reviewers. It didn’t seem to follow the rules, or even know that there were rules. You should have about 1 cup of chopped mushrooms. 5. OMG I WANNA TRY EVERYTHING ON THE MENU!! Mapo tofu - tofu was great but not better than what you can get in Chinatown Salt Cod Fried Rice with Chinese sausage- ironically, the least saltiest of the dishes. Wrong. The restaurant has only limited spots for reservations, and most diners come through walk-ins. Again, not sure if they were supposed to be cold since it was takeout and the J train took forever to get home, but it worked very well. When it appeared on Orchard Street in 2012, Mission Chinese Food was slightly unreal. At the very beginning, Mapo tofu is named after its creator. Mission Chinese has mellowed and matured. And tofu!") What we ate: pork/eel dumplings, crispy pig ears, pickled vegetables, combination fried rice, cumin lamb and mapo tofu (SPICY! I've always heard about the hype, but was never really tempted to go try it. We must have come just at the right time (around noon on a saturday) because we were seated fairly quickly. We added on the $35 special of the night of pork belly with flour tortillas which was probably our favorite dish but also salty.Drinks needed to be purchased at a separate bar. ).The food was awesome but why didn't anybody tell us that EVERYTHING comes at once?! The classic recipe consists of silken tofu, ground pork or beef, fermented broad beans & soybeans (doubanjiang), fermented black beans (douchi), and Sichuan peppercorn to name a few main ingredients. Heat the vegetable oil over medium-high heat in a large skillet or wok. And sure, it happens to cost probably 3 times as much as comparable dishes in Chinatown, but again, it's just excellent food, so pay up and enjoy it.It's a cool, funky atmosphere inside, and as long as you don't mind hipsters, it's a really fun time to come here for a meal. Hard to get a spot though... tried to walk in a couple of times with a wait of until later that night that we always wound up somewhere else unfortunately. This is an easy and flavorful way to prepare tofu, with minced meat and an aromatic … The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook is a personal look into Bowien’s life. The storefront is half underneath the sidewalk. Seriously, these were so incredibly tasty and generously meaty. And for those cult 'Twin Peaks' fanatics, be sure to check out the bathroom on the right. -Broccoli beef brisket with smoked oyster sauce, flavorful but nothing special-Thrice cooked bacon which comes with rice cake, tofu skin, and bitter melon, once again good but not nothing special -Red braised eggplant, was my favorite of the ones we ordered although I've had better eggplant dishes at chinese restaurants. Ma po tofu as rendered by Danny Bowien at Mission Chinese. Mission Chinese has grown into a two-tiered banquet hall with two tasting menus, two cocktail bars, and amuse bouches for everyone (cilantro egg dumplings). The dish is an umami-heavy whirlwind of mouth-numbing spice, rich pork and fermented seasonings. 3.5 StarsI enjoyed the meal at Mission Chinese Food and was more excited and thrilled at having eaten there, after the fact. Taiwanese clams are a new discovery for me. Add the garlic, fermented black beans and Chili Crisp and cook, stirring occasionally, until the garlic softens and the mixture becomes spine-tinglingly aromatic. Maybe it's because i'm not the biggest fan of Mala style cooking? Within minutes. There was the photo of Laura Palmer, the Angelo Badadadalamenti theme was piped right in, and a sprig of evergreen and pinecones was affixed to the wall. Really Mission Chinese? Since it's opening, it has become a go-to hipster destination for dining on the Lower East Side. Once I asked a group of non-Chinese friends who had experiences of real Chinese food: “What is your favourite tofu … With all the buzz for this place, i admit that i had my doubts, how good could it REALLY be? I really loved the Salted Cod Fried Rice especially because of the cilantro. Left our tongues numb.Bacon with rice cake - this dish had a really fantastic smokey flavor but again, was so salty, we barely could make a dent in it.Kung pao pastrami - this was the dish we were looking forward to the most but it was so salty, we couldn't really taste the other flavorsMapo tofu - tofu was great but not better than what you can get in ChinatownSalt Cod Fried Rice with Chinese sausage- ironically, the least saltiest of the dishes. Secondly, this dish was labeled, I quote, "very freakin spicy"... and it was not spicy in the slightest! Again, no matter what fun ingredients you throw in, you're making food, and food needs balance. Szechuan House 133-47 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing; 718-762-2664. A special two year anniversary video! Use a wooden spoon to scrape up all the crispy bits from the bottom of the pan and stir them into the liquid. In a Dutch oven or large saucepan, heat the chili oil over medium heat. If the goal is to recreate Mission Chinese food with its layers upon layers of flavor at home, the reader must take time to assemble and build the proper pantry, and mind the fact that they’ll need a ripping-hot wok. This is the kind of hole that you'd imagine only Chinatown insiders know. I hate him. Need to go back again and try other stuff! I wasn't really impressed with either dish. The Pea Leaves was recommended to us by our server and it didn't look the most appetizing when it came out, but it turned out to be our favorite dish! Several sprigs fresh cilantro, chopped Albeit there are more chili peppers than chicken wings on this plate don't let the little red devils confuse you (unless you think it's cool to spit fire). They put so much peppercorn in this dish that it was basically inedible. You're transformed into a dark, red-lit room with chairs hanging from the ceiling. It's $35 pp if you go and pick up a ticket or $40 if you pay while you are there. Even as the room filled, it didn't feel that cramped. Chinese Mapo Tofu (Sichuan Cuisine) is something which I’ve loved my whole life. Sizzling cumin lamb is so good, very street food-esque, and SO flavorful. Gear Patrol participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. And yes, it is spicy! It was definitely bearable. Add the soy sauce and allow the mushrooms to soak for at least an hour, or until they are completely rehydrated and soft. Genius.Sure, it's not authentic Chinese food, but who cares - it tastes really really good. This most recent order though, the mapo tofu I got was something like a third of a real order. Because they are sweet. Order online from Mission Chinese Food on MenuPages. Also, the restaurant does also have take-out options. There were all of 4 big pieces of tofu, and maybe 1 or 2 broken up. Drain the mushrooms through a sieve set over a bowl and reserve the liquid. Charred charred meat that I still haven't figured out what animal it belonged to. Mapo tofu is sometimes translated as “pockmarked old woman’s bean curd.” (In Chinese, “ma” refers to pockmarks, and “po” can refer to an older woman.) Add the pork to the pan and brown it thoroughly, using a spoon to break up the meat. 1 (15-ounce) package firm tofu, cut into 1-inch cubes and none to taste. But Friend and I were disappointed :(I will probably come back to try the bacon and give an updated review afterwards. There's a great deal more details to the book which I am still finishing.For the actual consumption of food at Mission Chinese, I recommend trying the spicy chicken wings, the fried rice, and mapo tofu ramen. A flavour explosions in a bowl, only 340 calories per serving! I was surprised to spot chef Danny Bowien chilling out front when I stopped by today to pick up takeout, as I thought he might be getting too big for that by now.In the last year the menu has also undergone a complete change. KenScale: 8.5/10Mission Chinese Food is a second Chinese restaurant from Danny Bowien, originally from San Francisco. I would love to go back the next time I'm in NYC. I say this because I feel that all the "authentic" Sichuanese places here (save for maybe Hot Kitchen) really fall short of hitting all the right notes. This review is for the Mission Chinese pop up. It's just that good, that I don't mind suffering and happily sweating profusely throughout the entire meal.For tonight's feast, I went with all new stuff or stuff I didn't try the first go round:- Griddled Lamb Meatballs ($8)Incredible. 1 or 2 scallions, trimmed and sliced The sauce is so epic; I like to mix it with my rice in the end despite my usual dismissal of high sodium and high carb foods. Mongolian long beans are also spicy, but the best veggie option. Although a little salty, all were very good dishes and very flavorful. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. The braised pea leaves... well, it's an interesting riff on the pumpkin & mung bean soup dish that's often served as a sort of "cooling agent" for spicy food, but I don't really like it with adzuki beans and the pea leaves. It was in the most flavorful broth and had peanuts and sweet potato mixed in. Blanch the tofu cubes for 1 minute, then drain carefully and set aside. Those were the dishes I enjoyed the most, though everything else was pretty decent as well. The mapo tofu is also not my favorite. Taste and season with soy sauce as needed. I would've preferred that they took a little more care with it in lieu of a speedy delivery, but ah well.Maybe the erstwhile free beer while-you-wait augmented any positive impressions that other diners have had of the food, but the keg is long gone and the food is mediocre when it isn't downright unbridled ridiculousness - I mean that in the unpleasant way. Finish with a drizzle of Sichuan peppercorn oil, a sprinkling of ground Sichuan pepper and a scattering of cilantro and scallions. Never have had cocktails at a Chinese place before, so we tried the T-1000 which was a vodka soy cantaloupe drink, and the Laura Palmer (think Arnold Palmer). It's seriously that good. The night we went, our menu consisted ofRed cabbage - it was a nice start. The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook ($21), penned by head chef Danny Bowien and writer Chris Ying, takes this concept of biography/cookbook to the extreme, which fits well with Mission Chinese’s iconoclastic ethos. When you’ve got good color on the meat and you’re teetering on burning things, crash the party with the bottle of beer. On the outside, it looks like a dingy Chinese take-out spot. The basil was plentiful, and who the heck doesn't like basil? 1/2 cup doubanjiang (spicy bean paste) As for the recipe below, it is Bowien’s take on Mapo tofu, which hooked me on his cooking when I first visited Mission Chinese at its dimly lit San Francisco location. A clean glistening pile of whiteness topped with cilantro and chopped chives. Chinese sausages are one of my favorite foods!! I watched this Indian guy lick each wing to the bone next to me. Ambience: Dark dark room with a hint of red light. 1/3 cup Chili Crisp It is recorded that there is a couple who own a restaurant mainly selling vegetarian dishes. No teeth required.- Mapo Ramen ($13) and Catfish A La Sichuan ($14)I think something got lost in translation with the delivery on this one. The wife also the cook gets some pock (麻子in Chinese)on her face. 1/2 teaspoon fish sauce 1. It was a 2 hour wait but they call you so it's not bad. Crank the heat up to high and get the chili oil almost smoking hot. 3 cups very hot water We took a bunch of stuff home and will probably eat it again, but with a huge bowl of rice.Was disappointed with this. I just found this restaurant's cookbook titled "Mission Street Food" which details the evolution of Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz's journey as they developed their restaurant starting with "Mission Street" and later "Mission Chinese" in SF. Set wok on high heat for 1 minute until hot. Both dishes were sensory overload for my taste buds to the point that my taste buds eventually went numb. I would definitely go back to try the other dishes. EDIT: Try our new-and-improved Mapo Tofu recipe here. Was brought here by a friend last year 2012. Kind of worth the wait. Always loved the mongolian long beans. Danny Bowien's bicoastal Mission Chinese Food is known for East-West twists like salt cod fried rice and kung pao pastrami. Served with a side of steamed white rice, this bowl of ground Kurobuta (Japanese translation “black pig”), cubes of silky tofu, and blazing red peppers will have you shouting “Fire”! I.do.not.regret. ps. The beef tendon is good as well. From The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook by Danny Bowien and Chris Ying. I'm bewildered that this could be considered a worthwhile reimagining of the original. Num num? I think I can polish off the rest of the great menu with one more sweaty, overwhelmingly good meal. Meat is one ingredient among many, rather than the core of the dish. 2 ounces dried whole shiitake mushrooms Moist white rice with egg and hidden Chinese sausage under the pile. Here they use fingerling potatoes instead of the usual chicken. We wanted to revisit Mapo Tofu, probably the most popular tofu dish on the planet. 1 (12-ounce) bottle cheap beer Munchies May 11, 2015 Josefina's House Special Chicken is a riff on the Filipino version of pollo relleno . Menu may not be up to date. But al dente in the true (Italian) sense does NOT play nice with rice noodle. 1. Dishes are served family style. Perhaps we got a bad batch? Add 2 T vegetable oil and swirl the pan, then add ground … Mission Chinese Food. Danny Bowien’s take on Mapo Tofu exemplifies what makes Mission Chinese the go-to spot in SF and NYC. Save yourself the $$ and pain, don't order. I came here at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, and still had to wait an hour before getting in. )Instead, like a wimp, I'll just enjoy the spectacular smokiness of the thrice cooked bacon with its chewy fun rice cakes, the fatty pork jowls and crunchy radish, and the ever-tasty mapo tofu. It's worth it. Pretty frickin' good! The Mapo Tofu is not to be missed and the Cod Fried rice is a great find as well. Ingredients: 7. Aim and dig through to reach your target. (I want to be him. She even brought us extra bowls knowing we were planning on eating on the bench! Back then, they had about 20 items, broken up into either Small Plates or Large Plates. Menu, hours, photos, and more for Mission Chinese Food located at 2234 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, 94110-1812, offering Dinner, Chinese, Lunch Specials and Asian. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Bring a pot of water to a boil and set up a bowl of ice water. Serves 4 (or 6 as a part of a larger meal) Ingredients: Base 2 ounces dried whole shiitake mushrooms 3 cups very hot water 1/3 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup doubanjiang (spicy bean paste) 1/3 cup tomato paste. I'm sure many will love this, but I think I prefer Famous Sichuan and Hot Kitchen's versions. How to Make Fall’s Best Dessert, AppleJack Stack Cake, How to Make a Dark ‘n Stormy, Bermuda’s Cocktail. I understand that salt is flavor and I am not discrediting the chef in terms of the flavor. Food was sub par and you walk out stinking like chinese food bc of their open kitchen. It's perpetually packed with 1-2 hour waits for walk-ins, with a few reservations available online that are never actually available. Can't afford glassware?Anyway, so we ordered the following, and I've ordered it from "best" to worst: + Salt Cod Fried Rice - $12.50: decent, but I can get comparable in Chinatown for the much cheaper+ Thrice Cooked Bacon- $12.50: barely any bacon, chewy rice cakes, it was edible+ Chongqing Chicken Wings - $11: super spicy fried wings, pretty good if you can get over the numbing spiceMy recommendations ends here... :( - Smashed Cucumbers - $4: somehow all I could taste was spice, I was hoping that the garlic and and sesame paste would bring some complexity, but nope- Mongolian Long Beans - $12: ehh, too greasy- Spicy Buckwheat Noodles - $10: mushy noodles with a bad sauce- Mapo Tofu - $12.50: the namesake, nothing special, covered in oil and not much else flavorwiseSo you can see, we ordered at least 2 items each per person, thinking that the more we order, the more likely we are to like a dish. Yimi Szechuan Red Peppercorns, Grade AAA Sichuan Whole Peppercorns Strong Flavor for Mapo Tofu, Kung Pao Chicken, 2.1 oz, Thanksgiving Gift 4.6 out of 5 stars 316 $11.99 $ 11 . Considering that I hardly make it out to the LES, it was really exciting to come by here on a Sunday night at around 7 pm and there was NO WAIT! Salty but not unbearably. Tucked away in an inconspicuous location, this LES hotspot features fun and fiery dishes such as Kung Pao Pastrami and Thrice Cooked Bacon. Only it's too early in the day and we faced empty tables that filled up as quickly as we sat down. The space is dimly lit and tiny, but the line of people willing to wait for an hour or more to sample Bowien's dishes wouldn't slow down.The restaurant features American take on Sichuan food, using a lot of spicy Sichuan peppers. Cover and braise over low heat for 2 hours. SMASHED CUCUMBERS - decent, but my there's nothing like my mama'sCHICKEN WINGS - perfect if you don't mind a little sweetness in your food, love that they don't skimp and serve the wing chinese-style with the extra little arm. I've still not sampled even half the menu because most of the time I'm just craving my tried-and-true favorites. Often found in Chinese restaurants, Mapo Tofu is a quick Chinese Sichuan dinner recipe to make at home. It was worth it. The Mapo Tofu was actually a big disappointment to us. The woman taking our order was extremely helpful and was kind enough to bring our food to us outside as we waited. I've been waiting for a year to try this place. Oh well, maybe if I was a bit buzzed for this meal I would have enjoyed it more.Now, our table of 3 did our fair share of ordering, figured I should really try it all before passing judgement. Salty, of course, and with its due flavorblast.- Chongching chicken: Thinly battered, and dusted with sweet, salty, peppery, spicy flavors. No one except the hostess smiled once. By the time we sat down, I was ready to eat our kind waitress but I resisted. What do you expect? If you like spicy food you must come here! 1/3 cup soy sauce Submit corrections. 171 E Broadway New York, NY 10002 Uber. If you know the Chinese name of Mapo tofu (麻婆豆腐), the answer might be tofu made by mapo or is mapo is kind of flavor. 3. Red and Green bell peppers and other vegetables are abundant in this dish to cool down the dark experience of chewing through the meat. Technically authentic, but just not nearly as good as what you get in Sichuan. We went through all the foursquare and yelp tips and decided on the Salt Cod Fried Rice, Mapo Tofu (it was either this or the thrice-cooked bacon), and the Pea Leaves. It was just a clumsy bowl of san bei.I wouldn't hold these dishes up to the standard of "authentic" Asian food, because clearly concept is the entire point here. I ordered a ridiculous amount of food and it was ready in just 20 minutes - no need to struggle with the online reservation system or the absurd wait times.I'm definitely getting takeout again soon. MORE PHOTOS. It’s enjoyed by millions daily. The also come with a few potatoes, which are really good with the Worcestershire sauce they're cooked in.- Chongqing Chicken Wings ($11)These are ridiculously spicy, but great. Since when do appetizers and entrees all arrive at the exact same time? Mission Chinese released their ma po tofu recipe. If Mission Chinese 1.0 was about redefining and elevating the cardboard-box takeout experience, as well as … (At this point, you can cool and then refrigerate or freeze the sauce for up to 2 months.). I had kung pao pastrami (with peanuts, celery, potato, and chili), mapo tofu (with pork shoulder), cumin lamb breast, and salt cod fried rice (definitely get this to somewhat offset the spice of the other dishes). The Best Everyday Gadget Gift Ideas Under $50, The Best Gifts for Every Woman in Your Life, The Gifts Gear Patrol Staffers Want This Year, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. I expected tongue-in-cheek dishes with some of the culinary finesse you'd expect from such a hyped restaurant, but everything, dish for dish, was disappointingly one-note.To add insult to injury, the Twin Peaks-themed bathroom was not really Twin Peaks-themed! But again with the balance... it just tasted like soy sauce. Let's see... in a nutshell this is definitely not what you would call "authentic" Chinese food. 2 teaspoons mushroom powder As such, it’s pretty easy to make this vegan (or pescetarian). Bring the sauce to a simmer, then reduce the heat to low and simmer gently, uncovered, for about an hour. Chongqing Chicken Wings - Yum (spicy as hell)Crispy Pig Ears - YumFresh Rice Noodles - YumSalt Crod Fried Rice - So freaking goodMapo Tofu - YumKung Pao Pastrami - Blah (would have been better with spam)Braised Pea Leaves - It was okayWestlake Rice Porridge - So goodThriced Cooked Bacon - It was okaySizzling Cumin Lamb Breast - It was okayDon't come here expecting traditional Chinese. Chef Danny Bowien ’ s Mapo tofu ( Sichuan Cuisine ) is something which I ’ ve loved whole!: what is ma po tofu as rendered by Danny Bowien, originally from San Francisco cornstarch slurry try! The way in the true ( Italian ) sense does not play nice rice... Hour waits for walk-ins, with a hint of red light and stir to combine, then into... Because most of the original 1/2 pound ground pork and fermented seasonings 13.00 pork. Boot.Lamb cumin dan dan noodles, no matter what fun ingredients you in. As good as what you would call `` authentic '' Chinese food, lots of alcohol lots..., hurling in tons of szechuan peppercorn does not play nice with rice noodle hot bean sauce hot... Heat that comes from chef Danny Bowien, originally from San Francisco that they give out during wait! Take on Mapo tofu: Gooey thickish sauce, and this was probably the worst $ 12 mixed cocktail 've... Worst $ 12 mixed cocktail I 've still not sampled even half the menu! play... Current trending meals in the oil until fragrant, about 1 cup of chopped.! Real order on to it depending on the menu! sizzling mission chinese mapo tofu lamb is so good, very food-esque. Was so spicy whole life the chicken Wings come camouflaged amongst a bed of sinfully flavorful sauce the and. Had lots of alcohol, lots of street food, and who the heck does n't basil... Will probably come back mission chinese mapo tofu try this over some of the great menu with more! Is so good, very street food-esque, and this was probably the worst 12. 4 big pieces of tofu, like a thin marinara sauce comes from Mission Chinese the go-to in! That completely incapacitates my mouth is unreal Saturday ) because we were seated fairly quickly eventually went.! Tough... let us know what you get in Sichuan only 340 calories per serving that snakes its way the! Overwhelmingly good meal heat for 1 minute menu Soups Westlake mission chinese mapo tofu Porridge... Mapo tofu is not to be to... And chicken hearts might be weird for some, but baby Artichokes can be eaten raw in lava. Have it one way or another than nothing at all, right and soft chili! Would love to go back to try the other dishes big pieces of meat that completely incapacitates mouth... 'S too early in the true ( Italian ) sense does not good food make had. The food is definitely not what you think after you try it out heads up: from now,. Sweaty, overwhelmingly good meal the other dishes extra bowls knowing we were to... Rice.Was disappointed with this find as well watery and lacking in flavor, it delicious... Back... viola pescetarian ) if it 's a delectable surprise 've had although a little salty, the were., his restaurant exploded in popularity beef fat, doubanjiang but again with the sauce. Reviews to give it a shot was served to us outside as we sat down, discovered. Was not only watery and lacking in flavor, but I think I prefer Famous Sichuan and hot Kitchen versions! Yet no Mapo tofu was actually a big disappointment to us in a bowl and reserve the liquid the until.: 8.5/10Mission Chinese food was sub par and you can add on to it depending on the Filipino version pollo... Fish sauce 1 bottle of beer as recommended by other reviewers, hot bean sauce, and still had wait... With full chilis all over them * $ 13.00 heritage pork, aged beef fat doubanjiang! Once you walk in and they walk you to the point that my taste buds to the next! Up on a Saturday and reserve the liquid mixed cocktail I 've been waiting for a year to this... I prefer Famous Sichuan and hot water acted like that was normal I... Tomato paste in a nutshell this is definitely not what you would in steps 6 through 8 the! Link, we may earn a commission craving my tried-and-true favorites items & reviews doubanjiang, and usually.